Doctors/Dentists/ Pharmacies


There are two doctors surgeries in Molesey;

Glenlyn Medical Centre, 115 Molesey Park Road, East Molesey  Tel; 0208 979 3253.      Hyperlink follows;

The Vine Medical Centre, 69 Pemberton Road, East Molesey.  Tel; 0208 979 4200             Hyperlink follows;


There are a number of dental surgeries in Molesey whose details you can access via the following hyperlink;


There are three pharmacies:

Kents Chemist, 14 Walton Road, Molesey  Tel 0208 979 5168  Open till 6.30pm                Hyperlink follows;

Glenlyn Chemist, 115 Molesey Park Road, East Molesey  Tel 0208 224 0300                         Hyperlink follows;

Courts Pharmacy, 8 Buckingham Avenue, West Molesey.  Tel 0208 783 0200