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The HPRA is an association run for and by people living on Hurst Park. Formed back in 1965 when the development was first built, our purpose was, and is, to maintain and improve the amenities on Hurst Park and promote a community spirit.
This website contains a mass of local information from where to find the local milkman, to bus and train info, and local opening hours.

If there is anything that you think would be useful to include, please let us know via the Contact Us page.

In terms of amenities for Hurst Park, we fought for and gained a local supermarket and post office when the developer wanted nothing but more housing! We created the Heritage Marker on the riverbank, cleaned up graffiti, and continue to press for improvements to our local environment.
In order to promote community spirit, we publish a quarterly newsletter for HPRA members, hold an annual quiz, and an evening event on the riverbank, “Midsummer Music at the Marker”, with entertainment from local schools, a barbecue, stalls and live music. We also encourage residents to hold street parties for special events such as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, or when the main roads are closed for sporting events

As an association, we cannot intervene in disputes between neighbours, but can point you in the right direction for local council assistance if needed.

If you’re new to Hurst Park, or thinking of moving here, you’ll find a huge amount of information about our local area and also about HPRA events. You’ll find links and phone numbers for local council services and organisations in the Local Authority Info section, and information in Local Amenities about shops, schools, doctors’ surgeries and public transport.

If you’re a long-standing resident, you’ll probably discover lots of things you didn’t know about the history of the development, the racecourse on which is was built, and the fascinating past of the area dating back to pre-historic times.